Magalies Gin

Magalies  Gin Wild Dagga


Eight signature botanicals are perfectly harmonized in our flagship craft gin to create a complex and distinctive palate. Elegant and modern, this gin strikes the balance between typical gin notes of juniper and subtle notes of spicy florals, intriguing Magalies tangerine, warm cardamom and cinnamon; blue cornflower petals and lion’s tail offering a herbal zest and smooth mouthfeel.

Juniper Berries
Magalies Gin Tangerine - Naartjie

Perfect Serve

Feel like an amazing and easy to make craft gin cocktail? This gin is best enjoyed with any good quality tonic and either a juicy naartjie segment topped with citrus zest, or a crushed leaf of lemon verbena and muddled pomegranate seeds. Keen for something other than a classic G&T? Try a Negroni: equal parts of gin, Campari and vermouth rosso. Perfect for lounging on a scenic, sun-dappled stoep.

8 Signature Botanicals

Our Magalies Gin derives its name, naturally, from the Magaliesberg Mountains which is based due west of Pretoria. Tangerines (also termed naartjies in South Africa), blue cornflower petals and wild dagga (or lion’s tail) are all sourced from small independent farmers based in and around the Magaliesberg mountain range. 

Magalies Gin Blue Cornflower Petals
Angelica Root
Magalies Gin Wild Dagga Lion's Tail

True Craft: Magalies Gin